Soothe muscle pain

Through its soothing action, Endospheres® offers a comprehensive treatment for pain relief and muscle relaxation, improving the overall well-being of the body through an anti-inflammatory effect.


Antalgic action

Through the pressures and vibrations of the handpiece, receptors on the skin are activated to release endorphins, thereby inhibiting pain signals to the brain and bringing a post-treatment analgesic effect to the body.

Relaxed muscles

Draining tissues also helps reduce pain and muscle tension. The draining effect of Endospheres® generates rapid reabsorption of toxins and inflammatory substances relieving post-workout discomfort.

Before and After

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Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 18 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 3 sessions

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Endospheres® is present throughout the national territory in numerous Beauty Centres, Medical Centres, Beauty Farms and Sports Centres. Our professionals are at your disposal for an initial consultation, offering you advice, clarifying doubts and responding to all your requests for information.