Fenix Group

Fenix Group: Proud Owner of the Endospheres® and Brand and patent.

Fenix Group is the pioneer behind the development of Endospheres®—a groundbreaking technology in the beauty industry that leverages a patented Compressive Microvibration® method. In recent years, this innovative approach has established itself as an unparalleled treatment, delivering effective results for both facial and body aesthetics.

Crafting Excellence: 'Made in Italy' precision for Endospheres devices

At the core of Endospheres device production, Fenix Group embraces the essence of ‘Made in Italy’ with dedication and meticulous care. Every piece of equipment is conceived and crafted with passion and attention to detail, reflecting the Italian artisanal excellence. This commitment to authenticity ensures that each device is meticulously manufactured entirely in Italy.

The Fenix Group’s mission

At the heart of the Fenix Group’s mission is a commitment to crafting and implementing cutting-edge devices, manufacturing the most innovative, effective, and research-driven technologies. This dedication culminates in the delivery of the latest and most coveted treatments available in the beauty industry today.

Our unwavering commitment to health and safety is the cornerstone of everything we do at the Fenix Group. As a team, we take pride in our reputation for seamlessly blending success with exceptional customer service and innovation.

“Here at Fenix, our team is devoted to providing the most groundbreaking technology, ensuring safe and effective treatment for various conditions while restoring the inherent beauty of those seeking our services. On a profound level, our passion extends to building enduring relationships with those who share our vision. We care, we listen, and we persistently strive to innovate, never settling for anything less than excellence”.

[Gianluca Cavalletti, CEO and Founder Fenix Group]