Body care treatments

Endospheres® is the ultimate full body treatment. Its handpiece, ergonomically designed for the comfort of the operator, follows every single curve of the body, releasing a deep feeling of well-being.

Body treatments

Real beauty is the result of a healthy organism. The philosophy behind the Endospheres® treatment promotes a beauty that is beneficial, starting from within the body and avoiding the artificial effects of more invasive methods.

Physics teaches us that everything in the world responds to vibrations. The human body, being a ‘living’ entity, clearly manifests its response. The rotation of the spheres, with the compression given by the specific weight of the handpiece, makes the tissues vibrate in depth.

Endospheres® does not require any surgery

It is a treatment that works on the body without damaging the skin or the need of recovery time. Its low-frequency vibrations offer an effective and safe solution to improve the silhouette non-invasively.

Provides temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains

Through its soothing action, Endospheres® offers a comprehensive treatment for pain relief and muscle relaxation, improving the overall well-being of the body.

Temporarily increase local blood circulation

Thanks to the pulsed, rhythmic vibration of the spheres, Endospheres® temporarily increases local blood circulation and hydrates tissues by rehabilitating blood vessels to their physiological functions, restoring metabolic exchanges, and promoting improved microcirculation. This helps defininign the appearance of skin, it reduces orange peel effect and combats the feeling of heavy legs

Before and after

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Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 8 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 18 sessions