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Enhance the range of body and facial treatments in your clinic with Endospheres®

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Draw in fresh clientele.
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* Endospheres® Scientific Studies


satisfied customers*

Clinically tested

The results are clinically proved by Universities and Research Intitutes.



Effective and safe

A safe and clinically proven treatment


Salons all over the world


You can find Endospheres® in beauty salons, aesthetic clinics, sports and spas.

The safety you seek

Endospheres devices can be sanitized after each treatment, guaranteeing hygiene and safety for both the operator and the final customer.

The Endospheres® handpiece was designed to work in total hygiene and safety: the roller can be removed and sanitized after each usage to protect your operators and customers.

Clinical studies

Clinical studies

Choose Endospheres® for a secure and effective solution for your salon and clients. This non-invasive, painless, and proudly Made in Italy technology delivers visible results from the very first session.

Our company provides comprehensive training in scientific protocols and techniques to be used with Compressive Microvibration® devices. Proper execution optimizes timing and accelerates the achievement of results.

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Why Endospheres®

Customer loyalty

The promised results are maintained, ensuring customer satisfaction. The Endospheres treatment can be performed without limits, and there are no contraindications.

Profit growth

Endospheres technology ensures both well-being and beauty. The efficient use of time and reliable results not only guarantees satisfaction but also fosters the growth and expansion of the salon's clientele.

Fast return on investment

The optimal effectiveness of the Endospheres treatment is achieved through multiple sessions. The influx of new and loyal customers contributes to a swift increase in turnover.


At its core is the Compressive Microvibration® method. The Fenix Group has adapted this method across different Endospheres® devices to meet the needs of professionals and provide visible, long-lasting results for those choosing Endospheres® as their treatment.

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