Evolution Series

The ultimate patented technology for body and face treatment

Endospheres Evolution stands out as our most technologically advanced device, designed to meet the precise needs of practitioners who aspire to deliver reliable and exceptional results for their patients. | Evolution Series

Evolution is the third generation of Endospheres®. Its tools allow to improve and optimize the treatment. The new design is elegant and refined.


The DISPLAY format is 11" ULTRA, featuring HD and TOUCH SCREEN capabilities, providing the operator with an enhanced treatment experience. All necessary information is presented in a simple and intuitive manner, including adjustment graphs comparing the treatment parameters to the ideal ones, along with training videos demonstrating both integral and single-area maneuvers


The handpiece is singular, featuring three rollers—one for each treatment phase. The roller with gel spheres is utilized during the initial phase, while the roller with silicone spheres is employed in the functional phase. The VD-TECH (Variable Density Technology) roller incorporates two types of spheres, one rigid and one with variable density, designed specifically for targeted action in localized areas.

Body handpiece

The handpiece encapsulates the collective engineering expertise of Fenix Group Srl. It incorporates three sensors to perceive the texture of the treated tissue and the patient's morphology, optimizing the parameters of Compressive Microvibration—pressure, frequency, and direction of discharge. On the state-of-the-art display, all detected information is presented to guide the operator in determining the best course of treatment. Additionally, directional indicators on the back of the handpiece facilitate remote control of the software.

Facial Handpiece

The handpiece dedicated to facial treatment, similar to the body handpiece, is equipped with sensors and a display that communicates with the operator. The spheres are made of gel and are 60 in number. The design is even more ergonomic and is implemented with direction indicators on the back.


Endospheres Evolution allows for a precise analysis of the client's condition and progress monitoring through the integration of a tool that combines two technologies into a single system: - a thermographic camera that detects thermal differences in the tissue, presenting them in a single image highlighted with different colors, - a camera for visual detection of the tissue's state. Both images are displayed on the screen and can be overlapped and compared for a comprehensive analysis of the achieved results.

Essential for the practitioner

Reach new clients

With Evolution and its new features, you can attract a diverse range of clients, catering to individuals of all genders.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

Endospheres Evolution cutting-edge technology, provides a distinctive and effective approach to skincare and beauty treatments, setting practitioners apart by delivering exceptional and tailored results for their clients.

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Thanks to remote assistance and the support of a solid, present, and Made in Italy company.

Color options

Evolution is available in 4 colors to fit with the style of your institute.

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