Sensor Series

Patented technology for face and body treatment | Sensor Series

The innovative AkSensorALL® device, featuring dual handpieces, incorporates cutting-edge Sensor technology for both body and facial treatments in a single device. With pressure sensors in the handpiece, AkSensorALL® automatically calibrates pressure and vibration frequency, adapting and customizing the treatment to individual needs.

Control Joystick

Facilitate the operator's work with the Control Joystick, allowing for easy activation, direction, and frequency adjustments on the body handpiece.

Sensor System

Endospheres® introduces the Sensor system, enhancing the interactive handpiece with a pressure control mechanism. This innovative feature accurately assesses the optimal pressure to apply to the tissue, considering the patient's morphology and the number of sessions completed.

2 Handpieces

The SensorAll device is designed for TOTAL BODY care, featuring two handpieces: one dedicated to body treatments and a smaller one for facial treatments. The body handpiece is equipped with specialized sensors that communicate with the central software, providing real-time feedback on the optimal pressure and frequency for achieving quicker results. These calculations are displayed on the handpiece's own screen. In the facial handpiece, sixty smaller spheres ensure a pleasant and effective treatment.

Essential for the practitioner

The state-of-the-art device for TOTAL BODY TREATMENT. The ergonomic and functional handpiece for facial treatment fights against face imperfections in a 100% non-invasive manner. The localized treatment for both body and face ensure effective and extremely efficient results.

Maximum Power

With precise pressure sensor control, the device achieves a maximum frequency of 355 Hz, ensuring significantly more effective results. The power is carefully dosed based on the targeted areas.

Effective results

The facial treatment combats imperfections without any invasiveness, ensuring 100% non-invasive care. Whether for the body or face, the localized treatment guarantees highly efficient and effective results.

Guaranteed and clinically tested results

Experience visible results from the very first session. All our devices are patented, clinically tested, and continuously updated with the latest scientific advancements.

Before and After

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Body Treatment

Results after 18 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 3 sessions

Face Treatment

Results after 1 session

Face Treatment

Results after 3 sessions

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