Sensor Series

Patented technology for body treatment | Sensor Series

The software automatically calibrates the pressure and the vibratory frequency, so as to adapt and personalize the treatment to the needs of the individual patient, optimizing work time and increasing results.

Control Joystick

Facilitate the operator's work with the Control Joystick, allowing for easy activation, direction, and frequency adjustments on the body handpiece.

Sensor System

Endospheres® introduces the Sensor system, enhancing the interactive handpiece with a pressure control mechanism. This innovative feature accurately assesses the optimal pressure to apply to the tissue, considering the patient's morphology and the number of sessions completed.

More Power

Utilizing precise pressure sensor control, the frequency can be increased up to 355Hz, unlocking the potential for more substantial and impactful results.

Sensor handpiece

A new, more powerful handpiece that indicates the pressure on the skin substrate, the discharge direction, and the emitted frequency. It is composed of 55 silicone spheres with specific characteristics arranged in a “honey-comb” pattern.

Essential for the practitioner

With AkSensor®, treatment times in the salon are significantly shortened, thanks to enhanced efficiency in treatment execution.

Maximum Power

With precise pressure sensor control, the device achieves a maximum frequency of 355 Hz, ensuring significantly more effective results. The power is carefully dosed based on the targeted areas.

Guaranteed and clinically tested results

Experience visible results from the very first session. All our devices are patented, clinically tested, and continuously updated with the latest scientific advancements.

Before and after

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Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 6 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 18 sessions

Body Treatment

Results after 3 sessions

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