Endosphères Therapy, your trusted treatment with guaranteed results. 


After years of experience and scientific research, Endosphères Therapy has created a technologically advanced and sophisticated treatment that allows you to work every part of the body, from head to toe. It stimulates the body’s natural mechanisms with a single treatment.
Endosphères Therapy’s non-invasive treatments support skin rejuvenation, toning, muscle recovery and pain relief, delivering incredible results*.
Results are visible after the first session*.

All the devices produced by the Fenix Group are patented, clinically tested and continuously updated scientifically.

handpiece for body treatment


Studies and scientific researches have shown remarkable and lasting results reducing wrinkles and skin sagging, and increasing thickness and tone of the skin*. 100% non-invasive treatment with zero side effects.

consulta gli studi e le ricerche endosphères

endosphères research and studies

Francesco Patella Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor

Francesco Patella

Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor

Bianca Diffidenti

Surgeon - Professor at the University Federico II - Naples
Professor of Aesthetic Surgery Pierantonio Bacci

Pierantonio Bacci

Professor of Aesthetic Surgery and Phlebology - University of Siena
Professor in Physical Medicine Raoul Saggini

Raoul Saggini

Full Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Department of Motor and Physical Education
"G. D'Annunizo" University - Chieti
Jean Marc Chardonneau Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Phlebology

Jean Marc Chardonneau

Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Phlebology

*: The results of the Endosphères Therapy are temporary and require maintenance treatments