The new concept for complete rejuvenation of the face.

Mas Handpiece

Sensorized Ablative Microvibration: performs a superficial peeling and relaxes the wrinkle.

Face Handpiece

Improves microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, eliminates toxins, acts on cellular toning.

VEV Handpiece

Vibro-electro Vehiculation: activates cellular metabolism, deeply nourishes the tissue.

EVA – Endo Ablative Vibration: the new high-tech concept for a complete treatment protocol for facial rejuvenation. Three methods are integrated into the EVA protocol, which carries out complete skin and muscle regeneration work, for an innovative and surprisingly effective, safe and completely non-invasive therapy.

Essential for the therapist

EVA is a modular device, equipped with three handpieces, each with a specific function, which work in syn-ergy, generating the “WOW” effect during the session and in the final results.


The peculiarity of the EVA treatment protocol is to be found in the perfect combination of three phases: FACE, MAS and VEV


Tonicity and elasticity of the dermis, radiance of the skin, hydration and nutrition of the skin


The direct application of the active principle favors the transmission of a high percentage of compound in the desired area (up to 90%), reducing the amount of active ingredient used overall.