The Endospheres brand belongs to The Fenix Group, which has grown from our small family business in Italy. We are proud of our background in the medical industry and take equal pride in our passion for innovation in beauty. The Fenix Group has been at the forefront of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment for many years. We’ve built our reputation through research and development. Together, we’ve developed Endospheres, a new technology to the beauty industry, using the patented Compressive Microvibration method. In recent years, this has proved itself as an unrivalled treatment. It works for clients who seek results in facial rejuvenation and helps to combat body issues such as stubborn fatty deposits and cellulite*.

As an innovative company investing heavily in research and marketing, the Fenix Group is popular and prevalent both in trade press and consumer press. Our team is active across all social media platforms. We continue to build fantastic relationships with clients and professionals alike based on our commitment to quality customer service.

Fenix Group Company body and facial treatment

For those professionals in beauty salons, spas and clinics wishing to get involved with the Fenix Group and the growing Endospheres brand, we provide full training, support and marketing – no matter where you are in the world.

Endospheres is a clinically tested technology, which has the support of universities and medical institutions alike. The treatment follows a precise scientific protocol, which requires comprehensive training for all therapists and practitioners. To become an Endospheres therapist, it is necessary to attend a training course. This is both theoretical and practical. Following successful completion, you’ll receive a professional certificate. This allows you to take your profession and your offering to the next level with one of the newest and most effective face and body cosmetic treatments available.

The Fenix Group’s mission is to continue to design and implement high quality electro-medical devices and to manufacture the most innovative, effective and research-based technologies. Together, these lead to the very latest and most sought-after treatments available in the beauty industry today. Health and safety underpin everything we do at the Fenix Group. We’re proud to have the recognition as a team that blends success with customer service, and innovation with reputation.

“The team here are dedicated to providing the most innovative technology to treat conditions both safely and effectively, restoring the original beauty of those seeking treatment. On a deeper level we are passionate about creating lasting relationships with those that share our vision. We care we listen and we never stop trying to innovate.”

[Gianluca Cavalletti, General Manager Fenix Group]

Artemis distribution is our exclusive partner in the US. Artemis distributes today’s top beauty devices to retailers across the United States. Their mission is to build a community of successful entrepreneurs who empower their clients to be confident in their own skin.

Like us, Artemis rigorously tests and checks the beauty devices before bringing them to the market. Through clinical studies, we know that the treatments work and show results. When partnering with us, you can be confident that you’re receiving a quality device.

These devices are available for rent or purchase, and have different pricing structures to fit your business’ needs. We offer a free trial period for established products as a demonstration of our confidence in the difference it can make to our partners business. We provide assistance starting from the sale of the device, and continue as a partner with you supplying training, technical support, partner success services, marketing and advertising content, and more.

The beauty industry is growing at an exponential rate, with the predicted to growth to be $8 billion by 2022. Tap into that market and offer these services in your area!

*The results of the Endospheres are temporary and require maintenance treatments