The Endosphères Therapy brand belongs to Fenix Group, a 100% Italian company. The group has been at the forefront in the field of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment, always basing ist strenght on Research and development. The Fenix Group has developed Endosphères Therapy, a new technology, using a patented Compressive Microvibration method. In recent years this has proved itself as the treatment of excellence to combat cellulite, fat deposits and face rejuvenation.

The Fenix Group is an innovative company investing in marketing and PR campaigns both in trade press and consumer press. It is active across all social media platforms. Customers are assisted with in salon/clinic marketing to promote the treatment locally in their area. Service and technical support is available throughout the world.

The Fenix Group’s mission is to design high quality electro-medical devices and manufacture the most innovative, effective and science-based technologies. These essential features ensure safety and efficacy making the Fenix Group a successful and customer-driven company.