Antonia Mariconda
Working with Endospheres therapy to discover if they are going to be able to meet the needs of the future consumers
New techniques and emerging technologies are inspiring a swathe of ground-breaking innovations. The population craves natural, sustainable and ethically produced cosmetics.
This changing dynamic implies division. Yet, everyone from multinational beauty brands to small biotech outfits are proving that scientific advance and a commitment to nature are not mutually exclusive.
Not only influencing environmental solutions, technology is connecting the consumer with their own physiology in ways never seen before. Medical well-being and genetic analysis are being explored to offer bespoke formulas and treatments targeting the most personal of needs.
Elsewhere, social change is being acknowledged and embraced by beauty brands across the globe. Minority groups are a new focus, and the ways in which brands empower such areas of the market are evolving with rapid pace.
Now more than ever the informed consumer will drive competition and influence the safety and ethical aspect of beauty. Shaping the future of beauty. So, with this in mind, we further explore the 5 key trends that will steer the beauty industry as we head into 2020. Finding out how it will impact the aesthetic industry.
As technology and Mother Nature join forces to meet the needs of an increasing social conscious consumer, our beauty habits predict to become all the more holistic and personal come 2020.
Established markets will take on new characteristics, while bold new sectors will emerge. Globally, the New Naturals, the All-exclusive Consumer, the Always on Assistant and New Generation Genetics will play an integral role in these shifts. Creating an industry that is more attuned to the customers’ needs than ever before.
These trends will influence dramatic change across the industry, prompting the need for a more informed approach to brand planning over the next three years and beyond. In today’s fast- paced world, it is vital that brands live in the future while in the present. Understanding these trends is the first step. Companies should take these trends into their own DNA as they look towards the future.
Endospheres Therapy are already producing devices that take on much of what is to come. With a focus on R&D and looking at what people are asking for they will be a key influence in the devices market.