The 2019 Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2019


The Endospheres Therapy team were delighted to be nominated for a Safety in beauty award in London. The innovation and pioneering award are coveted awards and to be nominated in the second year of being in the UK market was unexpected.

The Endospheres Therapy brand belongs to The Fenix Group, which has grown from a small family business in Italy. They are proud of their background in the medical industry and take equal pride in our passion for innovation in beauty.

The company has built its reputation through thorough research and development working with some of Italy’s most prestigious institutions. The pioneering team behind much of that innovation travelled from Italy to attend the dinner. Traveling from Italy Professor Antonio Pier Bacci and Gianluca Cavalletti have both been instrumental in creating the technology available in today’s market.

“It’s good to see our company growing across Europe and into the United Kingdom, how could we miss such an opportunity to support such a great cause. We have been excited to see how the UK has welcomed the Endospheres technology. We have grown the business locating a satellite office and establishing training and service in the UK to support our customer base.”

Gianluca Cavalletti

CEO The Fenix Group

Endospheres Therapy was nominated for the award because of its dedication to creating non-invasive restorative treatments. The treatments have a high safety profile and are safe to use across a wide range of patients. The mechanism of action known as Compressive Microvibration helps to regenerate tissue working in the interstitial fluid to restore the bodies natural processes.

safety in beauty awards


Safety in Beauty


The Safety in Beauty campaign in the UK captures the passion of published author Antonia Mariconda. Launched in 2013 the campaign was set up in direct response to the growing dissatisfaction with dubious treatments.

The Campaign seeks to:

  • Educate consumers and empower them to take action if they are unhappy
  • Create a more transparent industry
  • Give peace of mind to those seeking treatments to improve their looks.
  • Create a safe pathway for patients to recommended professional treatments.


To achieve all this the campaign offers free access to emotional, legal and medical advice to those affected by treatments that have gone wrong. In addition, Antonia and her team of advisors work closely with the press and media to promote best practice and raise awareness of malpractice.

safety in beauty awards professor bacci


Endospheres in the UK


The Fenix group opened their London office two years ago. Based in Kensington, the UK team give training, service and marketing support to clients in addition to having a direct sales office. Training is important to the company as it assures clients of a consistent safe protocol. It is important to the team at Endospheres that each country has its own support network to make sure the back-up is on hand. This ensures good technical and clinical people are available to help where needed.

“Safety efficacy and support is what we want to be synonymous with in the UK as we grow our client base people discover this. We look forward to working closely with the Safety in Beauty Campaign to help promote safe practice. As a manufacturer we take training and support seriously to ensure the best treatments are delivered across the world”

Chantal Merighi

UK Director – The Fenix Group