endospheres trattamento per il rimodellamento e il ringiovanimento al Congresso FACE di Londra

Endospheres at the FACE Conference 2019 : London


Now in its 17th Year the FACE Conference is a major international conference in the UK.  It presents the latest clinical information on eight different scientific and business agendas over two days. It is location in the centre of London’s Westminster district is set amongst its iconic buildings and means it attracts visitors from around the world. 

With over 130 national and international speakers and a packed agenda of lectures and workshops, FACE continues to dominate the aesthetic medicine market in the UK.

In 2019 Endospheres is present, with an exhibition space to demonstrate the Endospheres Therapy treatment and The Eva Facial. Prof. Pier Antonio Bacci is presenting on the main scientific agenda. Discussing his latest preview of the study carried out on EVA Facial treatment, the new Endospheres facial protocol and regenerative medicine. 


FACE Conference Endospheres