Stay Apart but United

We were so looking forward to meeting new friends at the networking opportunity tonight at ACE and doing what we do so well as an Italian company, that is offering our hospitality. We were sad when we realised it would be just the UK team at ACE but we were confident that our hospitality would still be communicated through Prosecco and friends meeting together.


We have a fully staffed UK office, but we are based in Pescara, Italy, so we have seen the affects of the Coronavirus for weeks and wanted to reach out with our message of Stay Apart but United. Its vital to keep communication open, talk to one another and support each other in our communities both geographical and in our business sectors.

More about our story.


We are an Italian Company with offices in the UK and across Europe and because we are all connected, we feel like our worldwide network is like one big family. Family, closeness and hospitality is in our blood as Italians, so we value it. Asking people to stay apart has been difficult.

What we have learned over these past few weeks in Italy is that what happens next is important. People remember those people and companies that give them what they need at the time.

We have learnt how to respect the rules and work as a community, both geographically and as a community in our industry. Keep lines of communication open and talk on the phone so people get that human contact.

We have used FaceTime and Skype more than ever. We have even been doing training over FaceTime and talking to people that want to learn more online.

We are using the time wisely and we have not started to panic, we learn new things, plan and set goals. We are excited about some of the new relationships and connections we have made in these past few weeks. Being apart in some cases has resulting in bringing us closer together.


If you were planning to visit us at ACE we are still here and happy to chat on the phone about our technology, or we can set up a call with one of our expert doctors to talk you through how it works. Call us 078353 46334 or email


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