Italian Beauty Evangelist Pietro Simone on Beauty and Endospheres


We talked to the ultra-charismatic Italian beauty guru about all thing’s beauty, his relationship with Endospheres and more. We want to discover his recipe for such a rapid success. In two years, Pietro has grown his Sloane Square London clinic. He has grown it to have 17 devices, three rooms, four staff and a new skincare brand he has developed himself.

Passion and Italian excellence are the underlying forces of the Pietro Simone brand. Pietro’s energy and expertise carries through from his larger than life persona. Next stop is to be a true global influence in beauty.


About Pietro Simone

Italian born, but now living and working in London and the US Pietro Simone is a clinic owner and influencer. He has recently formulated his own unique skincare range. He started in Italy when he was a young boy. He loved all things beauty and above all making people happy. At the age of 13 he was treating his friend’s mums to facials using product samples from the beauty counters. His interest in products is from a driven desire to know more about the science of the skin and skincare.

His family encouraged him to go to college to study hospitality and develop his culinary skills. Undeterred he used his skills in cooking up recipes to blend different products. He used this to create results for those interested in looking better. He attended private training and worked some of the 5-star hotels in Italy. He then began working for the skin care companies. Pietro lapped up the training and knowledge leading brands have to offer. He was well on the way to becoming a true skincare geek.


Pietro in love – with London

As Pietro came of age, he owned his own clinic, but he realised his skills could take him further. He set out to learn English and started to travel. After visiting London, he fell in love. London offered so much diversity and new opportunities. Wandering around the beauty room at Harrods and Liberty he felt overwhelming desire to be in London.

In 2016 Pietro came to London and started on Instagram he had 300 followers. He didn’t set out to be an influencer it just happened naturally; he now has an active following on Instagram of 31.7K followers (on his official Instagram).

With a different approach to most people, Pietro combines things. He mixes technology with products, technology with technology, and products with other products. He sees it as all integral but it looks for natural evolution of the skin to achieve lasting results. His approach is that everyone is already beautiful (and when he says he believes him) The idea is to build on this and make your natural beauty work for you. 


Endospheres Therapy

Pietro’s first big purchase in the world of technology was the Endospheres device. First, he knew the technology from Italy. Endospheres, a family owned and business and the whole there are passionate about what they do. The philosophy matched his and so it evolved into a relationship that is as strong as it was then. The clinic now has more than one device and every day patients are looking to get great results. He describes the system as the workhorse of the clinic. His patients have become addicted to it.

In the clinic Pietro uses Endospheres Therapy to treat the skin to improve its quality and elasticity. It treats the vascular and lymphatic systems and even the muscle fibres. What it is achieves is sculpting and an improvement in the appearance of cellulite. On the face it is an integral part of the improvement Pietro offers to his patients. 



Eva Facial

Pietro was the first in London with the Endospheres Eva Facial device. He combines the device with his own new product to get some amazing results. He says “I use the new prestige oil within the treatment (Launched in November 2019 in the UK). It is a unique oil and water complex, easily absorbed It contains L22 Complex to build collagen and jojoba. It perfectly complements the naturally enhancing results of the Eva Facial”


We asked about what he thinks of Endospheres as a company.

 “It’s a perfectly Italian company, results oriented and always evolving. Of all the companies I deal with the world Endospheres is a truly special and great company. They listen to their customers and help where they can. They are proactive and help in the development of the business – everywhere in the world. It’s Unique! “



We asked what is great about Italian companies in beauty

Italy has an incredible heritage of beauty and a passion for what they believe, synonymous with style and elegance. Italians love beautiful things so why would it be any different with technology?


The Future and Pietro Simone

When people say the future is bright for Pietro, they mean it. His new skincare range is taking off and opportunities are stacking up. Opening next in New York Pietro is becoming a global authority on beauty.


On his own future Pietro says

Beauty isn’t something you achieve using creams and machines. Beauty is from within. Confidence and inner beauty are the elements we build on. I hope I always work with you (Endospheres) around the world. I will continue to do what I do, to the best of my ability. But nothing has changed since I was 13 – I want to make people happy.

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