Endospheres: as it is now

A.D. (anno domini) 2023, Endospheres is known in more than forty Countries, at home it is now an Institution, the brand is recognised and is used to describe not only the machinery, but also the avantgarde technology that dwells there. Endospheres is – reductively speaking – the handpiece with fifty-five (55) spheres that restores natural physiological functions by drastically reducing cellulite and blemishes on the body and face. As it is now, Gianluca Cavalletti (CEO Fenix Group) had not even imagined it. What has happened, rarely happens because is what when reality overcomes dreams, and no matter how many times we have tried to tell who is behind it all, the company, the Cavalletti family, has never really made it. The reason is simple, there would really be too much to tell. But we will try again, trying to get back to the beginning because ‘roots are important’ (cit. P. Sorrentino).

How it used to be

Once upon a time there were alchemists, experimenters who expressed themselves in disciplines such as chemistry, astrology, physics, metallurgy and medicine, guided by a perennial but positive restlessness that could only be appeased by study. Imagine the origin of the handpiece with the fifty-five spheres that has made the history of body treatments: a laboratory with a father and son, Romeo and Gianluca, both trying their hand at assembling, disassembling, calculating. As has always happened in the history of scientific discoveries, before arriving at the technology or the revolutionary object, you have to go through experiments, which may not seem to be connected to the final result. This is also how it happens in this case. Gianluca, an eccentric motocross rider with a passion for engineering, started the production of super-lightweight carbon fibre bicycles. And when you say eclectic… he was a factotum, designing, engineering, building, assembling and selling! He began starting with small stands at trade fairs, but as the market changed, so did his designs and his creativity. At the end of the day, what everyone aims for, is to make a – however small – difference in something, be it in a job, a relationship, a hobby. He wanted to make a difference in the world of aesthetic technology.

The original idea of the Endospheres

The Endospheres technology prototype started out as a device for Gianluca’s dad, Romeo. To be precise, it was a large device to be installed inside the shower; it also originally consisted of a roller (but a larger one) with spheres that rotated both on themselves and around the axis. The benefits were those that we know very well today and which have been proven by scientific-university studies: 

  1. The rotation activated the circulation and microcirculation, favouring a correct distribution of the blood flow
  2. thus fighting lymphatic stasis and redistributing liquids to all parts of the body.
  3. The action of the Compressive Microvibration went so deep as to stimulate the active resistance of the muscle, which was sculpted and toned.
  4. Misplaced and accumulated fat cells that were inflaming the tissues and generating cellulite or blemishes were redistributed, sloughing off and healing. In short, an elixir of life in rotor format! 

The polyglot Made in Italy

More and more people and companies have been involved and brought into this project to the point of casting their nets beyond the borders of Italy and gathering branch offices in France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania, Germany and Switzerland and distributing Endospheres technology throughout the rest of the world, including Russia and the United States.

What was just an embryo has become one of the most sought-after patented methods in the field of aesthetics. What was once a garage has turned into a Company with an international outlook where family values prevail. Attention to detail, passion and the continuous desire to study and experiment characterise our Made in Italy.