Endospheres treatments are suitable for those following a plant-based or vegan diet.

At the start of every year people make changes to many different aspects of their lives, going to the gym more, drinking less alcohol and in 2020 more people are starting to follow a vegan or plant-based diet. Veganuary has prompted people to see if giving up animal products is an option for them. As practitioners it is important to keep up with trends and understand the impact.
Cutting out all animal derived products extends to food, cosmetics, clothes and yes even treatments within a clinic
This may come up in conversations and in consultations for treatment, so here is a little more information on vegan or plant-based diets and treatments.


The potential benefits of a vegan diet

There are many ways in which veganism or vegetarianism can have a positive impact on our lives, health benefits, planning meals better and giving more energy in general. But does this change in diet effect body treatments and can it help cellulite?
When followed correctly a vegan diet may be one of the healthiest ways to live. A vegan, or plant-based diet, should have a wide range of fruit and vegetables in it, as well as wholegrains, beans, nuts and seeds. As vegan diets rely heavily on these ingredients, the food will be naturally higher in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Some need vitamin supplements such as vitamins B12 and D and long chain omega acids, so it is important anyone changing to this type of diet researches this.
As well as the amazing new food, weight loss often comes with being vegan. Over a few weeks people tend to notice a different in their general physique, they no longer feel bloated. They comment they feel full after meals, but not too full, and as they have more energy they are exercising more.
There is no evidence the diet improves cellulite or impacts on poor circulation if they are present.


Sports and Exercise

Recovery time after exercise decreases when on a vegan diet. There are many athletes that choose to be vegan simply because it helps them train and recover better. Yet, not everyone is an athlete, but even if you are getting back into the gym it should make it easier and quicker to get over those sore muscles.
Not only does your body feel the benefit of a plant-based diet but your skin does too. With all the indulgent food eaten at Christmas skin may be taking a toll. A healthy vegan diet has a positive impact on your skin, making it clearer and less prone to break outs.


Treatments and Plant based diets

The benefits of Endospheres Therapy are perfect for patients following a good balanced diet and this is no different for a vegan one. Endospheres Therapy use is to improve the tissues function naturally and accelerate regeneration of new elastic fibres. The fact that no animal products, or harsh chemicals exposed to the skin is beneficial. For skin tightening on the face and muscle relaxation some practitioners are calling the Eva Facial the V-Tox treatment for vegans. It offers a way to look younger without injecting toxins or chemicals.
With the world waking up to more natural solutions to health and beauty it is easy to see how veganism’s popularity increases every day.
What else will you do to improve your lifestyle this year? Why not look into an Endospheres Treatment, it works the whole body inside and out. For more information please contact us.