A Made in Italy therapy that in one treatment acts on several levels, stimulating cell regeneration and acting on the causes of body and face imperfections. A painless treatment that without visible surgery ensures visible results from the first session.



The Compressive Microvibration Method  is the latest generation total body treatment that allows you to work on the whole body, from the feet to the neck, from the forehead to the abdomen, to the buttocks and arms. It is able to act on cellulite, restoring the correct physiological and vascular conditions of the tissue and performing a localized remodelling of the skin blemish.


Anti-ageing effect

The Compressive Microvibration therapy acts on the facial tissue working directly on the wrinkle with an increase in vascularization that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and an increase in oxygenation, which nourishes the tissue. It is also able to work deeply on the muscles, de-contracting and toning the muscles of the face so as to eliminate expression wrinkles and avoid tissue sagging.

Endosphères centres


Endospheres Therapy is present throughout the national territory in numerous beauty salons and clinics and medical centres, beauty farms and sports centres. Our professionals are at your disposal for a first consultation offering advice, clarifying doubts and responding to all your information requests.


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