The avant-garde and Sensor technology for body and face treatment in a single device.

Control joystick

Treatment activation, discharge direction and frequency are controlled by the joystick placed on the body handpiece, to facilitate the operator’s work.

Interactive handpiece

The Endosphères Therapy® method has been enriched with the Sensor system, a pressure control mecha-nism placed in the new interactive handpiece, which allows to accurately assess the amount of pressure to be applied to the tissue in relation to the morphology of the patient and the number of sessions already car-ried out.

State-of-the-art technology

A sophisticated electronic device controls the mobile handpiece functions, on which the “cylindrical de-vice” is installed that consequently transmits the treatment on the tissues.

The new AkSensorALL® device, equipped with two handpieces, contains the avant-garde and Sensor technology for body and face treatment in a single device. AkSensorALL® thanks to the pressure sensors in the handpiece, automatically calibrates the pressure and the vibration frequency, so as to adapt and customize the treatment to the individual’s needs.

Essential for the therapist

The state-of-the-art device for TOTAL BODY TREATMENT. The ergonomic and functional handpiece for facial treatment fights against face imperfections in a 100% non-invasive manner. The localized treatment for both body and face ensure effective and extremely efficient results.


Thanks to the pressure sensor control, the maximum achievable frequency is 355 Hz, for significantly more effective results. The power is dosed according to the areas involved.


With AkSensor, the treatment times in the cabin are considerably reduced thanks to the greater efficiency in the execution of the treatment and the better communication capacity between software-handpiece-operator.


Results visible from the first session. All the devices produced are patented, clinically tested and undergo continuous scientific updating.


Deep drainage, tissue re-compacting, removal of the orange-peel effect, significant improvement of the microcirculation, pain reduction, muscle drainage, reduces wrinkles, relaxes the hyper-contracted muscle (facial wrinkles), stimulates collagen genesis.