Innovation, Design, Technology. Revolution in cellulite treatment and remodeling

Control joystick

Useful for treatment activation, discharge direction and working frequency, in order to facilitate the work of the operator.


Thanks to the internal sensors, the handpiece indicates the correct pressure to be applied based on the type of tissue, the patient’s morphology and the number of sessions already carried out.

Increased potency

Thanks to the pressure sensor control, it is possible to increase the frequency from 254hz to 355hz, for more significant results.

Sensor handpiece

A new, more powerful handpiece that indicates the pressure on the skin substrate, the discharge direction, and the emitted frequency. It is composed of 55 silicone spheres with specific characteristics arranged in a “honey-comb” pattern.

The software automatically calibrates the pressure and the vibratory frequency, so as to adapt and personalize the treatment to the needs of the individual patient, optimizing work time and increasing results

Essential for the therapist

With AkSensor® the treatment times in the cabin are significantly reduced thanks to the greater efficiency in the execution of the treatment.

100% Made in Italy

To enhance the safety, quality and uniqueness of the device, the best raw materials, Made In Italy, have been utilized.

Ideal for the treatment of

cellulite, “orange-peel” skin, muscle contractures, edema, swollen legs, tissue laxity, abdominal fat, breast firming, fat accumulations, post-pregnancy phase.

Where is it utilized?

It can be used on the whole body: legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, ankles, back.

What does it do?

It reduces lymphatic stasis, smoothes “orange-peel” skin, improves microcirculation, body shaping, optimizes muscle tone