Perfection in the treatment of cellulite.


The joystick controls activation, the discharge direction and frequency. Direction indicators show the direction of discharge, for the purpose of lymphatic drainage. Perfect hygiene for rapid removal and disinfection.

Interactive handpiece

Interactive and ergonomic handpiece to facilitate the operator’s work. 55 silicone spheres with specific characteristics, density and specific diameter positioned in a “honey-comb” pattern.


Touch Screen 9’’ Monitor for immediate and intuitive access to recorded programs and information.

Cylindrical rotor

AkBody, thanks to a sophisticated electronic device, controls the functions of the mobile handpiece on which the “cylindrical rotor” is installed, which transmits the treatment to the tissues.

13 Steps for a gradual and customizable treatment according to the patient’s morphology.

Essential for the therapist

AkBody is based on the principle of Compressive Microvibration® which, through the transmission of low frequency vibrations, is able to generate a pulsed and rhythmic action on the tissues.


AkBody presents innovative features that make it unique worldwide. The rotating cylinder allows treatment of any kind to incorporate all the fields of application: health, well-being, aesthetics, rehabilitation, sports.

Ideal for the treatment of

cellulite, “orange-peel” skin, muscle contractures, edema, swollen legs, tissue laxity, abdominal fat, breast firming, fat accumulations, post-pregnancy phase.

Where is it utilized?

It can be used on the whole body: legs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, ankles, back.

What does it do?

It reduces lymphatic stasis, smoothes “orange-peel” skin, improves microcirculation, body shaping, opti-mizes muscle tone