Frequently Asked Questions about Endosphères Therapy treatment

In THIS section, we collect a series of questions and answers for you, to clarify in detail any information of a technical nature and concerning the Endosphères Therapy method, so as to provide comprehensive answers with the aim of offering maximum clarity on this treatment, which to date is the utmost expression of SAFETY and mini invasiveness:

Endosphères Therapy is a CLINICALLY TESTED treatment, which is technologically advanced and sophisticated and enables us to work on every part of the body from head to toes. Endosphères Therapy represents the BEST in terms of Safety and Results Obtained

Is ENDOSPHÈRES THERAPY a safe treatment?

Endosphères Therapy is a clinically tested technology, studied at Universities and medical Institutes. The treatment follows a precise scientific protocol – detailing all the movements – that must be necessarily be complied with. To become an Endosphères operator, it is necessary to attend a training course, which is both theoretical and practical, following which a certificate will be issued attesting to its professionalism and preparation. Hence, indeed Endosphères Therapy is a safe treatment.

How long does a single Endosphères Therapy session last?

Endosphères therapy can be carried out on the whole body. So, depending on the parts of the body to be treated, the times of a single session will vary from a minimum of 20 min. approx. to a maximum of 1h and 30 min. for a full body treatment.

How long will a complete Endosphères Therapy treatment on the Body last?

A complete body treatment envisages cycles of 6, 12 or 18 sessions, carried out two or three times a week, depending on the physical condition of the patient. In case of significant inflammation, strong skin laxity or excess weight, it may be necessary to carry out 24 sessions. Following a correct analysis of the medical history, the operator will determine the number of sessions to be carried out and their frequency, i.e. whether two or three times per week. However, the minimum time allowed between treatments is 48h, i.e. on alternate days.


During the first meeting, the operator will carry out a specific consultation to determine the correct number of sessions, according to the physical conditions and special conditions and lifestyle habits (presence of pathologies, use of drugs, relevant physical conditions etc.)

Once the COMPLETE TREATMENT has been carried out, for how long will Results last?

The duration of the results always depends on specific characteristics and on the starting conditions of the patient, i.e. age, inflammation degree, excess weight. By following a correct life style, they can last up to 6/8 months. It is strongly recommended to carry out the maintenance sessions to extend the results

How does the MAINTENANCE CYCLE work?

The maintenance cycle includes 2 sessions per month for the first 3/4 months. At the end of this period, usually the sessions are reduced to 1 per month. Only in case of particularly critical conditions, can you repeat the complete treatment after the first 3/4 months

If I wish, can I carry out a single treatment session?

Certainly. You can perform only one session but in this case, obviously, the sensations of lightness and drainage and the results even of an aesthetic kind that will be visible immediately afterwards, will only be temporary, i.e. they will decrease in about a couple of days. To obtain long lasting results, and then see and feel a real difference and the real benefits of the treatment, it is necessary to perform a complete cycle.

How much does a single Endosphères Therapy session cost? And what if I decide to undergo the full treatment? Would I pay the same amount of money?

In the dedicated section of the website, you can find the list of the best Endosphères Centres and you can find out about the costs applied directly at the centre nearest to you. There are different possibilities to take advantage of particular conditions offered by Endosphères Centres if you wished to carry out the complete treatment.

When can I carry out the full treatment? Can I do this when I want or are there specific times?

The complete treatment can be carried out up to 2 times a year, except in the case of particularly critical conditions.

Can I undergo the Endosphères Therapy TREATMENT also in the summer or are there problems?

There is no contraindication as regards the period of the year in which to perform the treatment. It can be carried out during any season of the year.

I have water retention in my ankles. Can the Endosphères Therapy treatment be carried out in this case? Will I get results?

Yes, definitely! Endosphères Therapy is a technologically advanced and sophisticated treatment that enables us to work on every part of the body from head to toes. It is clinically proven that it has a very powerful and unique effect on the lymphatic system and that it can solve problems of lymphatic stasis also in points of the body that are difficult to treat with other methods, be these manual or mechanical. Consequently, it is possible to carry out the treatment on the ankles with definitively surprising results.

I have a sufficiently toned body and normal weight. I go to the gym and follow a proper diet, but nonetheless I have some annoying orange peel skin. Is Endosphères Therapy effective in this case?

YES! Endosphères Therapy, unlike many other treatments, has an important tissue-toning action, thanks to the vascular, metabolic and purification activities that stimulate a physiological restructuring of tissues and therefore an important cutaneous reshaping

I am no longer very young though I am still in good shape, but the skin of my inner thighs is a bit loose. Is the Endosphères treatment recommended in these cases?

Yes. The handpiece with the hypo-allergenic silicone rotor with spheres, which is the tool in contact with the body to carry out the treatment, is designed specifically to be able to work on tissue with skin laxity problems. Not only there are no contraindications, but there are also considerable results thanks to the increase in the structure of the tissue obtained through vascularisation and tissue reactivation.

My CAPILLARIES are VISIBLE on my legs. Can I carry out the Treatment?

Yes, definitely. The Endosphères Therapy treatment acts by performing pressure and depressurising action on the tissue without creating suction, and consequently areas with exposed capillaries and varicose veins can be treated without complications.

I suffer from DIABETES. Can I undergo the Endosphères Therapy Treatment?

Yes, definitely. There is no contraindication for the presence of diabetes

I am pregnant. Can I undergo the Endosphères Therapy treatment?

The Endosphères Therapy treatment carries out a profound stimulation of the lymphatic system. Consequently, the scientific protocol strictly suggests not to carry out Endosphères treatment on pregnant patients.

I am breast-feeding. Can I undergo the Endosphères Therapy treatment?

SAME as with a pregnancy

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