Future of beauty

Endospheres are at the forefront of the beauty industry with continual R&D. It is so important to look forward into the predictions of the next decade to discover what are likely to be the future trends. Working on research carried out by Antonia Mariconda and surveying 100 medical practitioners we presented our predictions for future to the press.

This prompted us to look at the 5 key beauty trends for a new decade and discover if Endosphères were working in the right direction.
This was 5 Key movements and then 15 trends


The Beauty market’s estimated to reach $675 billion dollars by the year 2021.
The global industry is undergoing seismic change at breakneck speed with a fascinating maze of innovation and adaptation.
Medical aesthetics is fast catching up with a predicted spend of $17.07 billion by the year 2023.



The next decade will see people become more in tune with their own skin and bodies, creating a change in mindset that will urge them to seek a more personalised approach to preventative long-term solutions, based on their own DNA.
The one fit for all approach of a previous decade will become extinct over time.
As we gain easier access to products, technology and devices assisting our understanding of what lies beneath us. Expect DNA focused beauty brands, and medical based procedures based on in depth analysis of the DNA.
This is the key to unlocking future proof beauty, wellness and anti-ageing.
Endospheres Therapy
Understanding the composition and make-up of the body is important and the concept that there is one treatment that fits all is too simplistic. Each individual has a different set of conditions and a different make up. As an integral part of our training therapists learn to tailor courses of treatments to suit specific conditions creating individual treatment regimes.
The Sensor devices in the Endospheres range have a sensor that is able to sense the tissue and deliver the correct amount of energy this ensuring optimal treatment. Whilst understanding the DNA of an individual will help us discover who will be most likely to get to cellulite, both preventative and regular treatments will help individuals maintain a smooth appearance.
One face, one race.
Emerging markets are driving a cultural shift that embrace all skin, all tones, and all needs.
As the spectrum of people interested in beauty, skincare and anti-ageing diversifies. Generation z is rejecting gender conforming identities.
Pioneering partnerships in beauty mean that communication and representation of brands is no longer confined to the mainstream or stereotype, beauty is breaking the millennial breaking the mould.
Embracing diversity, whether gender, ethnicity or sexuality will dominate the next decade and the inclusion of all ages is also a refreshing reminder that beauty is now without barriers.
Endosphères comments
One of the strengths of the treatment with Endospheres for the face or the body is that it available to use on all skin types, there are very few contraindications to the treatment and so it is an all-inclusive solution. Also, it’s combined with other treatments as its restorative affect is complimentary.
Interactive technology embracing both online and real-world experiences will see mixed reality becoming a dominating trend in beauty.
Virtual reality is proving successful in helping the consumer navigate choices and options. From smart mirrors, to virtual make over software, technology in beauty will influence a reinvention of retail space allowing brands and physical stores to take on a different role.
Endosphères comments
We are yet to see how virtual reality will play a part in body shaping devices but as our technology advances it is never say never.
As consumers pursue a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle – the beauty industry is responding.
There is a conscious gravitation towards brands that hack into nature for new and innovative ingredients and use techniques that support clean living.
The consumer demand to cut down on all that is toxic and go back to nature means the environment, the planet and all earth’s natural resources remain protected and utilised in a sustainable way.
This trend has us turning to our planet and within ourselves to harness the power of mother nature throughout the world.
Endospheres comments
With its no consumables and lack of disposable parts the Endospheres device range embraces the future. The treatment itself is none invasive and stimulates natural processes for the restoration of the body. Repairing and restoring the tissues from the inside out could not be a more natural process. Using the Compressive Microvibration method to stimulate and balance the body, restoring the interstitial fluid and helping to nourish the tissues.
The rise of technology, social media, online education and crowd sourcing heralds a new dawn of the digital consumer.
Expect the next decade to deliver a beauty shopper that is savvy, safety conscious, connected, influential and educated.
The informed consumer is powerful, both alone as an influencer on an individual platform and more so in numbers.
With the ability to make or break a brand or product within milliseconds on the internet. Today’s consumer is no longer the puppet on the strings of a global cosmetic giant but more so the intelligent hands pulling the virtual strings.
Endospheres comments
The company embrace this age and share information at every opportunity. The safety and efficacy of the treatment means that we encourage others to share the information. It is our responsibility to produce relevant and factual information allowing consumers to make informed choices.