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Professional Beauty Review the Eva Facial

Read what Professional Beauty Features Editor Georgia Seago discovered when she came to review the Eva Facial By Endospheres

Eva Facial Review Professional Beauty

This month we tried… Eva by Endosphères

The lowdown: A new treatment that applies Endosphères compressive microvibration technology to the face. The Eva facial is a three-phase treatment that uses three handpieces on different layers of the skin to exfoliate, lift and define facial contours and nourish the complexion. Those with dull skin presenting poor laxity and wrinkles or open pores, congestion and overall bad condition would benefit most.
The Experience: My therapist Sara Vannella performed the treatment on one side of my face first, so I could compare results. The first phase is called Sensorised ablative microvibration, a deep exfoliation, which Vannella explained uses gel microspheres to ablate the upper layers of the skin while stimulating the tissue to prepare for the second phase. She concentrated the exfoliation, particularly in areas of congestion, but was careful to avoid active breakouts.

The Main Event

Next came the main event – the compressive microvibration handpiece that Endosphères body treatment is known for. The device has a built-in sensor that applies the correct pressure to each part of the face, and it felt completely comfortable throughout, kneading my facial muscles and releasing tension.

Vannella stuck with the gel microspheres for me, but therapists have the option of switching them out for a silicone version that has a higher density and gives a more intense vibrational massage.

The third and final phase is vibro-electric delivery. Vannella applied a hyaluronic acid serum to my face and hooked me up to the transdermal electroporation handpiece that delivers square symmetrical pulses into the dermal-epidermal layer, stimulating down to the muscular level. This was the only part of the process that was slightly unpleasant, as the pulses are deepened when the device is passed over bone, and it felt quite intense across the frontal bone of my forehead. Post-treatment, it really looked and felt as though my face had had an intense workout, and I definitely noticed the effects of the lymphatic drainage and vascular actions
of the compressive microvibration.

Business Benefits

Business Benefits: The compressive microvibration handpiece’s built-in sensor takes the guesswork out of optimal treatment delivery for therapists and ensures a comfortable experience for clients. There’s no branded skincare to buy into along with the machine, so salons can incorporate their existing favourite products into treatment.

Endosphères Therapy recommends charging £150 to £250 for the 60-minute treatment, depending on products used.


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