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Lymphatic Drainage

Lets talk about Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage and why its important

Our passion for tissue wellness and the healthy balance within the body has meant our knowledge of lymph and vascular health is key to our treatments. We have  made it our mission to understand cellulite in all its many forms. With this has come a detailed knowledge of the importance of Lymphatic drainage here we discuss this often misunderstood process.

The lymphatic system and the control of fluid.

The lymphatic system is a closed system of thin walled vessels with valves that transport a fluid known as lymph. Its job is to remove excess fluid and waste fluids from healthy tissue. It also filters the fluid removing damaged or unwanted elements and maintains an equilibrium.

What is the Lymphatic system.

The blood delivers fluids with nutrients and components such as white blood cells and plasma needed for cellular heath and hydration.  it is held spaces and absorbed into the cells. The unused fluid along with any damaged cells from the tissues are collected by the lymphatic system. The vessels take the lymph fluid to the lymph nodes which filter out the damaged cells. These nodes contain the bodies defence cells such as  lymphocytes and macrophages which help to destroy cells such as bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.

The bodies fluid regulator.

Oedema (Fluid retention or swelling) in simple terms, is an imbalance between the intake and removal of fluids. When an imbalanced occurs it leads to oedema and on a cellular lever unhealthy tissue unable to correct itself naturally. The effect is swelling or fluid retention.

When things slow down.

When the lymphatic system is not working correctly, tissue wellness is affected adversely. Waste fluids are stored in the spaces between the cells and swelling or oedema is seen in the area. This can occur in any part of the body. The balance can be restored by restoring the lymphatic process and improving the system.

Cellulite and stubborn fat deposits.

In some areas of the body the circulation in the tissue slows down naturally as we age. This can be through lack of exercise, poor diet, bad health or just genetic. It is difficult to restore the equilibrium until the drainage process is restored. This poor circulation is one of the primary causes of the development of cellulite and has an impact on areas of stubborn fat.

Endospheres Therapy Mechanism of action on Lymphatic drainage.

The thin walls of the vessels and the valves make the mechanism of lymph transmission dependant on the bodies mechanical movement. Lymph is pushed around as opposed to being pumped. Compressive microvibration helps with the movement in these vessels. The stimulation from vibration helps to stimulate repair too.

The spheres rotate in the opposite direction to the movement of the hand-piece at differing frequencies. They also create a compression and then release on the system. This serves to help to push lymph through the system. This not only helps move any stagnating fluids that have accumulated it also improves the function so they can keep on working correctly and efficiently in the future.

The mechanism allows deep action without causing damage to the tissue. The immediate affect is reduced fluid. This shows visually as a reduction in circumference and a smoothing out of undulations in cellulite.

Being passionate about the treatment of the conditions caused by circulation we have become experts in treating cellulite and overall health and balance in the tissues

Lymphatic drainage system

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