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Endospheres at Oblique Beauty South Kensington

Endosphères at Oblique Beauty

South Kensington London

Endospheres at Oblique Beauty, forward thinking entrepreneur Mariana Eidelkind treats over 10 Clients a day with Endospheres Therapy. 90% of the clients that try a session go on to book a course and it is the driving force of the business in South Kensington. The success over the last year has been phenomenal – we asked how this has been achieved.

Mariana says “Adding the treatment is one of the best decisions I have ever made, everyone loves it and it has meant success for the business as we expanded in a competitive market”

My journey

Oblique nail salon opened the 1st November 2016 in Bute street, South Kensington and it quickly became a rapid success with hundreds of repeat loyal customers. People loved the style and the atmosphere, they loved what we offered and came back for more. The problem was they wanted more. New treatments and a more complete service.

I did not have the space to expand the business, but I realised there was a passion for what we were offering.
Fortunately, an opportunity to acquire one of the neighbouring shops came up and I had the chance to expand our offering. In 1st of December 2017 also in Bute street, South Kensington Oblique Face/Body was opened.

Opening the new clinic with Endospheres Therapy

Endosphères was the first device I bought. I knew what I wanted. The treatment is a well-known brand in Russia and so many people talked passionately about it. The more I researched, the more I knew it was the right treatment for our client base.

Launching November 2017

Every person that came in for treatment booked a course overall the clients loved the feeling Endospheres gives. It is not just about shaping and treating cellulite. They talk about an overwhelming feeling of wellness. Its relaxing and doesn’t hurt but they feel they have had immediate resutls. They comment on how they feel lighter and their skin is toned. It is almost an addictive feeling.

Return on investment.

I paid for the machine in three and a half months and I am glad I trusted my intuition and I was right about it being the right product. The device is still to this day one of the best decisions I have made.
Now approaching Christmas the machine is so in demand as clients want to fit into special outfits and look great for the Christmas party season. We sell the treatment in courses. In most cases our clients have a course and then ongoing top ups to maintain.

Service and training

Staff training is important as the treatment depends on the skill of the staff with the machine. We have skilled technicians and they quickly grasped the treatment.

I can’t fault the service I get in the UK from the company. They respond quickly and efficiently to whatever we need.


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