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Endospheres conquers UK – Aesthetics Journal Online Sept. 2017

anticellulite sensorItalian manufacturer Fenix Group has announced the launch of Endospheres Therapy to the UK aesthetic market.

As Endospheres conquers the UK and impacts on the market for body shaping and cellulite. From the Aesthetic Journal in the UK.

The Endospheres treatment uses microsphere compression and vibration technology and works by using low frequency vibrations in a range between 39 and 355Hz to generate a pulsed, rhythmic action on adipose tissue. According to the company, the microspheres work to stimulate the body’s natural mechanisms to break down, remove and re-shape fat and adipose tissues, whilst also stimulating elastin and collagen production. The device aims to produce a fully toned, sculpted and lifted result. The handpiece contains a cylinder that rotates on its own axis, in which 55 antiallergic silicone spheres are installed, positioned in a honeycomb-like pattern, with a specific density and diameter. The company states that the direction of rotation and the pressure used ensure that micro-compression is transmitted to the tissues and the right combination of these forces determine the treatment intensity and results. The Aesthetics journal is one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic professional publication. The brand encompasses all aspects of online and print media as well as two successful events – The Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition and The Aesthetics Awards.

Who are Endospheres

Endospheres are a part of the Fenix Group, a 100% Italian company. The group has been at the forefront in the field of aesthetics and medical-aesthetic equipment, always basing its strength on Research and development. The Fenix Group has developed Endosphères Therapy  a new technology, using a patented Compressive Microvibration method. In recent years this has proved itself as the treatment of excellence to combat panniculopathies (cellulite) and adipose accumulations.   read more 

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