10 facts about cellulite – you may not know… 


The causes and treatments for cellulite are often exaggerated in the media. People talk about the “easy way to get rid of cellulite” or the “5 simple things to do to get rid of cellulite“. However, there are lots of things that don’t work. The one big fact is it’s not “easy” to get rid of it once it’s there. 

Here are 10 facts about cellulite that you may not know. Here we give information about causes, treatments and solutions that will actually help to make a difference.

1) Cellulite happens to all people regardless of shape and size.

90% of women have cellulite and weight is not an impacting factor, it may just change the appearance of cellulite making it more noticeable as the skin is under more stress. People of all different body shapes, different ages and different race get cellulite.

2) Cellulite could be due to your genes.

Cellulite does run in families but other factors such as diet and exercise do have an impact. So even if your mother doesn’t have cellulite, doesn’t mean you never will.

3) Smoking will make your cellulite more severe.

Cigarette smoke has proved to reduce blood vessel flow. Therefore, weakening the formation of collagen (the protein keeping your skin together). This means tissue becomes stretched and damaged easily and increasing the formation of cellulite.

4) Women suffer from cellulite more than men, BUT anyone can have it.

Women tend to carry more fat around their hips and thighs with less supportive tissue to keep it in place therefore there is a greater appearance of cellulite. But 10% of men do suffer from cellulite too, so women aren’t alone.

5) Cardio won’t help reduce cellulite.

Although cardio is good at keeping weight off, which therefore reduces the appearance of cellulite, it won’t smooth out the skin itself. 

6) Cellulite is not caused by toxins in the body.

The biggest myth about cellulite is that toxins in the body are the cause, this is not supported by science at all. Cellulite actually occurs because of fat deposits pushing through layers of collagen fibres. This is often due to lack of exercise, hormones and muscle tone.

7) Skin reducing creams will not reduce cellulite long term.

These creams may work short time to reduce the appearance of cellulite, however there is no evidence of them working long term to permanently reduce it.

8) Liposuction will not help cellulite.

Liposuction will not help the appearance of your cellulite and in fact might make it worse. Liposuction may make fat deposits more uneven and make the appearance worse overall. Liposuction just serves to remove fat.

9) Certain foods can help the appearance of cellulite.

Eating a well-balanced and plant heavy diet will reduce inflammation around the whole body and therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite. Foods with high water content will help strengthen the connective tissue making the skin tighter and firmer.

10) There is a treatment that helps.

The Endospheres therapy method uses a micro vibration and micro compression technology called Compressive Microvibration to shape the body and treat cellulite. The treatment is non-invasive and pain free whilst working biologically to restore the tissues and processes. It works by breaking down, removing and reshaping fat deposits. It also stimulates collagen production to leave you with a fully toned and shaped effect.