Taking care of our hands is something that often goes by the wayside. Before we go to bed we put serums and creams on our face and décolleté, but how often do we give the same attention to our skin hands?

We use them to do everything, we don’t even pay too much attention to them, but they are a part of the body that we often tend to neglect and they are often the ones that age most easily, all the more so because they come in contact with ph-aggressive chemicals such as detergents or the now much-used disinfectant sprays or gels. They are most exposed to the elements in both summer and winter between UV rays, wind and cold temperatures.

It is therefore inevitable that as a litmus test for understanding (or approaching) a person’s age, one goes to look at the hands.

sanitized hands

What does the skin of the hands look like?

The skin of the hands is characterized by a greater thickness than that of the face but less when compared with that of the foot.

But what problems should one deal with?

dry hands

Main disorders related to the skin of the hands:

  • 1. premature aging
  • 2. skin blemishes
  • 3. chapped skin
  • 4. redness

The most frequent phenomenon, however, especially in these cold months, is that of dryness of the skin of the hands. Whether it is the result of cosmetic treatments that are not appropriate for ph or the cold weather, the look we would never want our hands to have is dull and rough to the touch (sometimes even with small wrinkles or cracks).

In addition to attention, are there ways to slow down the aging of the skin of the hands and keep them moisturized, soft and beautiful to look at and touch?

cleansing hands

It all starts with cleansing

Washing them very ofter makes impossible to always paying attention to what cleasers is being used. One of the main causes of dehydration is because the hydrolipid film, which lines the skin of the hands, is damaged. With this deterioration, hands are weakened and particularly susceptible to external aggression since their defensive barrier has been compromised.

What perhaps not everyone knows, the cooperation of these factors can cause an accumulation of melanic pigment in some circumscribed areas of the skin; this can lead to the formation of skin spots on the skin of the hands.

hand mask

How can we run for cover?

Choosing the right products requires care and then some patience. For the care and repair of dry hands, you need to go through three types:

  • 1. Humectants: to restore the skin’s moisture
  • 2. Emollients: soften the hands
  • 3. Occlusives: these products create a film

Did you know that treatment masks are not only there for the face but also for the hands (and more!)?

Their action is much more intense than normal moisturizers, as they are generally rich in antioxidants and ceramides (lipids naturally present in the skin and essential in cosmetics to support the skin barrier and maintain hydration).

hand lotion

A super summary of the nutrients that absolutely cannot be missing from the diet of the epidermis of the hands:


  • – glycolic acid
  • – arbutin
  • – vitamin C
  • – licorice extract

It really takes few time and the skin of your hands will be grateful for that!