Chantal Beierling, the director of the Fenix group UK, gave some tips on the best way to sell body treatment packages to clients.

Tips on selling a body treatment package


As many clinic owners know selling a body treatment package comes with commitment. That can often be difficult with clients, especially in the UK when we spend most of the year covering up our body.

Clients tend to hesitate committing to these types of treatments. They may have concerns the efficacy of the treatment, the cost on the treatment, or if the results are worth the money. Chantal suggests the best thing to do is get educated! When selling a body treatment package you can’t wing it, if you explain that the improvement only progresses gradually as the body changes. This will help them see and understand why a course of treatment is important.

Body treatments with Endospheres Therapy


With Endospheres Therapy, we occasionally offer a short taster session. This session gives us the chance to show the impact the treatment has whilst it works the 5 different processes on the body. This taster session also allows the well-trained therapists to take time in their explanation that the body will improve with each treatment and thus have a greater impact as well as last longer.

Heading into 2020 there’s been a huge shift in what people are looking for when it comes to aesthetics. Non-surgical treatments increase in popularity day by day. Clients are looking for quick fixes and are more in tune with the holistic side of changing your body shape as well as improving their cellulite. More and more people are understanding that to make changes to the body restoration to the lymphatic system has to happen as well as increasing the circulation.

Why not add something new to your clinic this year to keep people coming back! If you would like more information Endospheres Therapy and the different machines we offer, please contact us.

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