Peeling or exfoliation, that’s the question (semicit.).

First of all we need to understand the difference: exfoliation is used to remove dead skin and consequently improving complexion of it. Peeling uses acids to remove the bonds that hold dead cells to your skin. Scrubs exfoliate the skin mechanically, peels utilise chemicals that go deeper into the skin.

The term peeling made its way into everyday language as early as around the 1990s, when women’s care underwent a significant evolution.

Types of peeling

It was then experienced how beneficial the effects of peeling are both on cell renewal and, on a rejuvenating result. During this process, the stratum corneum, that is the most superficial layer of the epidermis formed by cells without nuclei in contact with the external environment, is expelled.

There are different types of peeling: chemical, enzymatic and mechanical.


Chemical peeling

The chemical type is usually formulated with acids that go to break the bonds between the skin cells. This leads to exfoliation and thus elimination of dead cells stimulating the production of Collagen and Elastin. The absorption is promoted: nutrients are subsequently inserted.


The enzymatic one contains enzymes that do not break the bonds between the cells and do not lower the PH of the skin, unlike the chemical one. It speeds up the breakdown of proteins in the epidermis.

Dead cells are then eliminated and pores are cleared.

…and mechanical

Mechanical peeling of the cosmetic type, commonly called a scrub, works by rubbing a product on the dermis, thus achieving the same effect as the previous techniques, the elimination of dead cells. 

Eva by Endospheres

Is the new non-invasive concept for facial rejuvenation, and one of its three phases represents precisely the technological evolution of mechanical peeling. The first phase of the protocol begins with the M.A.S. hand-piece – Sensorized Ablative Microvibration, dedicated to cell turnover.

How it works

Inside the handpiece is a cylinder with 60 gel spheres that rotates on itself. The combined action of position and vibration of the spheres causes a convergence and divergence movement on the epidermis that generates friction on the tissue, which results in:

– the elimination of the superficial horny layer of dead cells

– the oxygenation and regeneration of the tissue

– the relaxation of the wrinkle.

The radiance you seek

EVA by Endospheres is the facial treatment to eliminate accumulated toxins and restore radiance and evenness to facial skin. The mechanical peel promotes exfoliation that allows the elimination of residues accumulated in daily life and tissue firming through the stimulation of Collagen and Elastin production.

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