Plumped lips, where’s the trick?

Plump, plumped, with relaxed contours, a nice healthy complexion and, why not, sensual. That is how we would like our lips, and how many tricks we resort to in order to achieve those effects we see on social media or television. In doing so, we often find ourselves not appreciating what we have.

We should do, instead, as we did when we were children and those who really loved us told us to value our strengths, but today we say, even those that show some weakness against the – all too often wrong – standards of society. Chiara Ferragni knows this well, since success has not changed her features, as it often happens to her colleagues, especially those who work with likes.

plumped lips

Mosturizing before overlining

Before revealing the make-up, let’s start with the preparation: healthy and well-groomed lips are the basis for a better result. Lips, like the rest of the body, need a skincare dedicated to them. Keeping them moisturised is fundamental, and for this it will be necessary to bring the right amount of water into our bodies (the usual 2 and a half litres a day) and use a lip balm rich in nourishing principles so as to avoid that dryness typical of the cold months that makes those little wrinkles even more visible. At least once a week, a scrub is a must, – for some extra tips you can jump to a few articles ago by clicking here – it gives a pleasant sensation when doing it, but the end result will also be nice to see.  

mosturized lips

And for an even more plump effect, Eva by Endospheres is the ace in the hole! Exfoliation and vascularisation in a single treatment in three stages for complete care of the face.  

endospheres lips

The overlining technique 

Who started this trick was Kim Kardashian, followed by the eternal goddess Jennifer Lopez. Once she sailed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the spires of Milan Cathedral, it could only be the Ferragni we all know who first adopted and popularised the lip overlining technique. As much as Anglicism tends to elevate, and sometimes lend an aura of sacredness to things, overlining simply consists of placing the lip pencil – in a darker colour of your choice – just outside the natural contour. 

As with all make-up, tips must be followed and professional make-up artists recommend nude or, at most, pinkish tones because it is precisely the continuity with the complexion that gives definition and ‘plumpness’. 

So try to stay close to your lip colour and the optical illusion will be phenomenal!

overlining lips

Two different ways for realizing this make-up

Two subcategories branch off from here, a lighter and a more pronounced one: 

For the former, it will suffice to find a lip pencil in a slightly darker colour than ours and a nude lipstick. With the pencil, stroke a couple of millimetres on the contour. Take care to maintain the shape of the cupid’s bow (the V shape); its shape optically enhances fullness.

For the lower part of the lips, remain slightly narrower at the sides. Starting from the outer corners, do not round off the stroke too much and rejoin the lower centre of the lips. If you have a very delicate brush or finger, blend the contours. This will make everything a little sweeter.

The foundation has been laid, now all that remains is to put on the lipstick in the colour closest to the lips or the pencil and – unforgettable – the gloss that reflects the light and increases the proportions. 

lip pencil nude make up

Are you fond of more marked results?

Then resort to the old expedient of light and shadow: apply foundation along the entire lip contour, then proceed with the previous process of pencil and lipstick, the final touch is achieved with a few drops of illuminant on the outer edge of the pencil. 

lip gloss

What are you waiting for to showing off your new lips!