Double chin: a few tricks to reduce it.

It’s the truth: we all want a few tricks to reduce our double chin.

It’s not about age nor gender, this imperfection that can cause not only aesthetic but also health discomfort: the accumulation of fat between the neck and chin is often more discomforting than the appearance of wrinkles and the first grey hairs for which one can more easily intervene. 

accumulation of fat on the chin

The curse of the drooping double chin

Having a well-balanced face (let’s face it) is the wish of everyone and if not everyone, of most of us. And it is not always a matter of having a straight nose, eyes at the right distance, large lips in proportion to the rest of the face. Many times these things can all be there but a pronounced, or double, chin can go and upset the plans. 

We use to think that this is about overweight people, but they are not the only cases that present it. Sometimes even those who are normal weight can have a sagging of the muscle called platysma and incur the problem of a drooping double chin, which can be aggravated by sagging skin due to normal ageing. 

sagging chin

In the early Middle Ages there were ruffs that hid the gorge, the throat in French, and aristocrats who had a double chin were even proud of it. Today, we have to resort to more elaborate ploys to reduce it, but they are certainly much more decisive. 


Double chin and thyroid


It is good to distinguish between when the double chin is caused by an accumulation of fat and when there are factors beyond the amount of physical activity and proper nutrition we can do. Hormones sometimes can cause dysfunctions that initially go unnoticed or are confused with others, so let’s pay close attention to our body, which somehow always speaks to us. 

Undergoing regular hormone analyses brings benefits more than just our appearance!

double chin

Main causes





sagging of the platysma

poor posture

hormonal imbalances


Non-invasive treatments are always the ones we recommend most, even if the trend is increasingly towards surgery. In addition to the classic facelift, deoxycholic acid, which dissolves fat through small punctures, is gaining popularity. 

Exercises for the double chin

Googling ‘exercises to reduce double chin’ brings up thousands of articles with instructions and maneuvers to achieve the desired results. Exercises to stretch the skin of the neck and jaw are proven to be effective. We recommend yoga not only for body looseness, but also for toning the facial muscles. 

We have selected a few videos to take inspiration from: 




Make-up works miracles


There are shortcuts to visually shaping the shape of the oval, and these are those created through the magical power of make-up. Contouring is an often infallible method for softening facial features, enhancing the natural shadows of the face and camouflaging small blemishes. The play of light always comes to our rescue. You just have to know how to use it…

First of all, it is essential to use a matte bronzer; alternatively, a foundation or powder a couple of shades darker than your complexion is also fine.

We recommend using the same product that you might also use for contouring on your face, so that everything looks more natural.

Then apply the earth to the sides of the face and blend along the double chin to darken the area, gradually and lightly. Much will depend on the shape of your face. Do not go too far with the bronzer, keep it towards the neck, otherwise you risk running into the ‘beard effect’.