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AkSensor® ensures outstanding results thanks to an important technological innovation: the Endosphères Therapy® method has been enriched by the pressure control mechanism placed in the new interactive handpiece, which allows you to accurately assess the energy to be applied on the tissue in relation to morphology and number of sessions. Thanks to the control of the pressure sensor, it has been possible to increase the frequency from 254Hz to 355Hz for considerably more significant results. The software automatically calibrates the pressure and vibratory frequency, so as to adapt and customise the treatment to the needs of the individual patient by optimising the working times and increasing the results with immediate antalgic action, faster draining and more evident tissue re-compacting.

With AkSensor®, treatment times in the cabin have been greatly reduced thanks to the increased efficiency in the execution of the treatment and improved communication among software – handpiece – operator.

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The Ultimate Body Shaping Technology

New Software

AkSensor®, the Endosphères Therapy device with an advanced software that helps you customise the treatment according to the different condition of the patient.

Interactive Handpiece

The new system for pressure control placed in the mobile handpiece allows to apply the correct pressure according to the morphology of the patient and the number of sessions.


The joystick placed on the handpiece is a useful tool to manage activation, flow direction and frequency.

Sensor Handpiece

55 silicon spheres arranged in a beehive diposition with a specific density and dimension: a new and more effective handpiece that indicates flow direction, frequency and pressure.

Proven Results

Clinically proven results in only a few sessions. Endosphères Therapy® and the devices are clinically tested and are registered trademarks of Fenix Group.

More Power

More power…more results! The frequency has been increased to 355 Hz for more significant and quicker results.

Elegant Design

Particular attention to every detail of the detail, from the finishes to the colours, to give the highest and unique elegance.

Made in Italy

Fenix Group has choosen the best materials and elements, made exclusively in Italy, to enhance safety, quality and uniqueness of Endosphères Therapy devices.

You will fall in love with Endosphères

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